About Wiseburn Unified School District

The Wiseburn Unified School District (K-12) serves students from Hollyglen and the surrounding unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County (Del Aire and Wiseburn). About 50% of the District is located in the City of El Segundo, which contains numerous major employers, including aerospace and high tech industries as well as communications and entertainment. The area's ideal climate and close proximity to cultural and sporting events along with various shopping venues make it highly desirable.

Wiseburn is immediately south of Los Angeles International Airport and one and one-half miles east of the Pacific Ocean. It is bordered by the Century Freeway on the north and divided by the San Diego Freeway running north/south. In addition to the air and auto transportation infrastructure, the Green Line Metrorail traverses the District bringing workers to the employment centers. Roughly, the District boundaries are Sepulveda Boulevard on the west, Marine Avenue on the south, Imperial Highway on the north, and Inglewood Avenue on the east.

With four district schools and five independent charter schools, Wiseburn and Da Vinci combine for a total of almost 4,500 students. During the past decade the District enrollment, which at its peak reached 2,900 pupils in the 1960's before dropping to 1,100 in the 1980's, has been growing again. Resident student enrollments have increased and been supplemented by pupils granted interdistrict attendance permits and by the launching of the charter schools. Currently, the ethnic composition of the student body is: Multiracial 6%, Asian 6%, Caucasian 17%, African-American 15%, and Latino 56%, reflective of current California demographics. Diversity, with balance, is one of Wiseburn's greatest strengths in preparing graduates for life in 21st Century California. Being both small and suburban, Wiseburn offers a unique combination of a "family atmosphere" in a opportunity-rich setting.