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District Departments


In this section, find a comprehensive resource for all services, operations, and programs run by our school district departments. Explore each department below to learn more about its role, mission, and support services offered to our staff, students, and community.

  • Superintendent's Office: Learn more about our district's leadership, vision, and strategic planning. Stay updated on our superintendent's messages and district-wide initiatives.

  • Educational Services: A hub for all instructional programs, curricula, assessment, and professional development opportunities for teachers.

  • Psychological and Child Services: Get to know our programs focusing on student mental health, wellbeing, and development. Explore resources for both students and parents.

  • Food Services: Discover our nutritious and diverse meal programs that fuel our students every day.

  • Health Services: Learn about our health programs that safeguard our students' wellbeing, including physical health and preventative measures.

  • Human Resources: Understand our hiring practices, employee benefits, and labor relations. Explore job opportunities within our district and join our team dedicated to nurturing the future of our children.

  • Maintenance and Operations: Gain insight into how we maintain safe, clean, and functional facilities for optimal teaching and learning environments.

  • Business ServicesGet acquainted with our district's finances, budgeting, and operational resources. Learn about our local bond measures supporting the financial growth and stability of our schools, including, Measure A (2007), Measure AA (2010), Measure CL (2014), and Measure EE (2022). Discover how we integrate technology into our classrooms and administrative operations for improved learning and efficiency.

  • Communications: Stay informed about our district news, media releases, and important community updates.

  • Our Schools: Explore each of our unique schools, their programs, faculty, and the vibrant student community they foster.

Each department is committed to supporting our district's mission and providing exceptional service to our students, staff, and community. Together, we ensure a high-quality education that prepares every student for success. We encourage you to navigate through each department to gain a greater understanding of our operations, programs, and services.