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Teaching and Learning


WUSD recognizes that high-quality instructional materials matter just as much as great teaching. As a part of our commitment to provide students and teachers with resources that will best support the learning needs of all, we have convened a Mathematics resource materials advisory committee of educators and educational partners with the goal of finalizing adoption and implementation of new instructional materials in the area of math for the 2024-25 school year.

Changing math resources for students and ensuring all students have access to rigorous, grade-level instruction in all WUSD classrooms will ensure that our investments in high-quality materials truly return better learning outcomes for our students.

Over the 2023-24 school year, this committee will engage in the following work:

  • Establish a shared vision for excellence in math instruction as a lens for examining CA Standards-aligned Curriculum
  • Review policies and tools used to select materials in WUSD
  • Understand the timeline for review/selection
  • Engage in reviewing and selecting materials 
  • Participate in informational sessions
  • Interact with prospective math curriculums
  • Help to speak to and engage additional educational partners in decision making and input