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District Preschool Special Education Program (Ages 3-5)
The Wiseburn Unified School District preschool special education program provides a continuum of services and supports to three, four, and five year old children, who meet eligibility criteria for special education. The special education preschool program is located at the Wiseburn Child Development Center (WCDC) where special education services are provided in the least restrictive environment and opportunities to develop cognitive, language, motor, play, and social skills are maximized.

K-8 Resource Specialist Programs
In order to meet the needs of each child's Individual Education Plan (IEP) in the least restrictive environment, the Wiseburn Unified School District (WUSD) provides a continuum of services and supports to children who are eligible for special education services. The WUSD Resource Specialist Program (RSP) services and supports include consultation with the general education program staff, in-class support and/or specialized academic instruction in the RSP classroom to ensure that children in the RSP program are accessing the general education curriculum, meeting targeted IEP goals and achieving appropriate social, emotional, and academic success.

K-8 Special Education Classes
The Wiseburn Unified School District Special Day Class Program (SDC) is a self contained special education class which provides services to children who are eligible for special education services and present with more intensive needs that cannot be met by the general education program, RSP or DIS programs. The SDC class provides individual, and small group instructional activities to support each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) emphasizing skill development in the areas of cognition, language, social-emotional, behavioral and motor development. Children in the SDC class have daily opportunities for mainstreaming with typically developing peers in the age / grade appropriate general education setting based on their IEP.

Speech and Language Pathology Services
Speech and Language Pathology services are provided to students presenting with articulation, expressive and receptive language, social communication, fluency and voice disorders. The WUSD speech language pathologists (SLPs) work with students, parents, teachers, and administrators within assigned schools to provide for the identification, assessment, consultation, and remediation of these disorders.

WUSD SLPs are members of a multi-disciplinary team to assess the speech-language needs of pupils in order to design and implement appropriate language and speech services and evaluate student progress. They provide individual and small group speech-language therapy services for students, work effectively and collaboratively with general and special education staff in the design and implementation of effective language and speech instructional/remedial models, and collaborate with general and special education staff in planning and implementing a comprehensive speech / language program, and when appropriate, integrate and align therapy activities with core curriculum while involving staff and parents in the therapy process.

Speech and Language Services Brochure