Board Meeting Calendar

Board Meetings are typically the second and fourth Thursdays of the month except July, August, November, December, and April, unless otherwise noted. Open session of the board meetings begins at 6:00 p.m. in the District Office Boardroom located at 201 N. Douglas, El Segundo, CA 90245. (For meetings occurring during the pandemic, please see the Modified Board Meeting Procedures below.)

Board agenda and minutes are posted on Board Docs. All public meetings are recorded on Zoom and uploaded to Wiseburn's YouTube channel for later viewing.

Livestream Zoom access

On the date and time of a school board open session meeting, you may access the meeting's Zoom livestream via or via Webinar ID: 812 7842 2886, with the passcode Wiseburn (please ensure you use the correct capitalization).

2021 Regular Meeting Dates

January 14 View meeting
January 28 View meeting  |  Presentation on reopening
February 10 (Wednesday) View meeting
February 25 View meeting
March 11 View meeting
March 25 → March 30 View meeting
April 15 View meeting
May 13 View meeting
May 26 (Wednesday) → May 27 View meeting
June 10 View meeting
June 24 → June 15 (Tuesday) View meeting
June 28 (Budget Meeting | Monday) View meeting
July 15 View meeting
August 19 View meeting
September 9 View meeting
September 22 (Wednesday) View meeting
October 14October 20 (Wednesday) → October 28
October 28 View meeting  |  Presentation on COVID-19
November 18  
December 16 → December 14 (Tuesday)  

2021 Special Meetings

These meetings are added as needed throughout the year and are announced through BoardDocs.

January 7 (Special Board Meeting) Meeting summary  |  Resumen de la reunión
February 18 (Special Board Meeting) View meeting
March 18 (Special Board Meeting) View meeting
May 12 (Special Board Meeting) View meeting
August 24 (Special Board Meeting) View meeting
October 12 (Special Board Meeting) View meeting

2022 Regular Meeting Dates

January 13  
January 25 (Tuesday)  
February 10  
February 24  
March 10  
March 24  
April 20 (Wednesday)  
May 12  
May 26  
June 9  
June 23  
June 27 (Budget Meeting | Monday)  
July 14  
July 28  
August 11  
August 25  
September 8  
September 22  
October 13  
October 27  
November 17  
December 15 (3rd Thursday)