Board of Trustees

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Announces Member Vacancy
(A Volunteer Position)

Friday, February 4, 2022
4:30 p.m.

Applications available online and at the District Office (address below)


Email completed applications to or submit to:

Superintendent's Office
201 North Douglas
El Segundo CA
8:00-4:30 p.m.

Board Member Compensation Disclosure
Wiseburn Board of Trustees receive no compensation.
They perform all services to the Wiseburn community as volunteers.

Neil Goldman

Neil Goldman, President
2015 - Present

Dr. Neil Goldman is a long-term Del Aire resident and has a rich history of involvement in the District. His two daughters are Wiseburn alumni, and former wife (and still good friend), Donna Goldman taught kindergarten at Juan de Anza for many years. Neil has actively served the district in many ways over three decades, including:

  • President of the Wiseburn Education Foundation
  • Founding member of Rock around the Block
  • District Budget Review Committee member
  • Member of the Juan de Anza Parent Advisory Council
  • Worked to support the Wiseburn Unification and Bond measures for education for our students
  • Future Wiseburn High School Committee member

Dr. Goldman owns GCS, Inc., an organizational development and research company, and has consulted with over 400 organizations in 49 states nationwide. He has also served the District in the following organizational and research capacities:

  • Facilitator for joint Wiseburn/Da Vinci board planning meetings.
  • Helping with the design of the student, parent and teacher surveys. 
  • Conducting Juan de Anza school site research 
  • Focus group research and communications planning for Da Vinci Innovation Academy 
  • District-wide research on our desired high school (Community Survey)

Dr. Goldman brings an understanding of education and management. He holds a doctorate degree in education and a master’s degree in business administration.


Nelson Martinez

Nelson Martinez, Vice President/Clerk
2005 - Present

Mr. Nelson Martinez is a long-time Del Aire resident and he attended Wiseburn schools as a student, graduating from both Anza Elementary and Dana Middle School.  Mr. Martinez is a Senior Project Manager with a school construction management firm.  He has volunteered as an Aviation Little League Baseball coach in Del Aire, following his own participation in that league, as well as AYSO, as a player.  Mr. Martinez is married to Helen and has two young sons who will in time attend Wiseburn schools.  He is eagerly looking forward to serving on the Board of Trustees and contributing to the Wiseburn community.


Roger BaƱuelos

Roger Bañuelos, Member
2009 - Present

Mr. Bañuelos has lived in the Wiseburn Community for nearly fourteen years.  He and his wife have four sons with three currently enrolled in Wiseburn schools and the youngest patiently waiting in the wings to attend as well.

Roger is proud of the community in which he lives and believes in volunteering to make it better and stronger. Some of the local organizations and committees he has devoted his time to are:

  • Board Member - Wiseburn Education Foundation
  • Past Chairman - Wiseburn School District Citizen's Oversight Committee
  • Coach and Parent Volunteer - AYSO Teams
  • Assistant Coach and Parent Volunteer - Wiseburn Little League Teams

This same commitment to his community is why he serves on the Wiseburn Unified School District Board of Trustees and believes in prioritizing student success and preserving a financially sound district.

Mr. Bañuelos holds a Bachelors Degree from the University of Southern California in Civil Engineering and a Masters Degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. In his professional career, he is the Vice-President of a construction management company and has served on the Construction Management Association of America Board of Directors as well as Chairman of its Membership Committee.


JoAnne Kaneda

JoAnne Kaneda, Member
2001 - 2009;  2014 - Present

Ms. JoAnne Kaneda is honored to be a member of the Wiseburn Unified School Board. She served 2 elected terms from 2001-2009 and rejoined the board in 2014.  Ms. Kaneda applies her education and professional aerospace experience to making strong decisions for the district. Her work experience includes executive management of technology systems and direction of large technical aerospace projects. Her leadership skills include rigorous team management, budget and schedule achievement, and customer satisfaction in a robust, competitive environment.  She has a BS from Washington University in St. Louis, and an MBA from Drake University. 

In her time on the board Ms. Kaneda has applied her ability to manage budgets and personnel to benefit our community of students, families and staff.  An accomplishment of special significance is the leadership she provided to jump-start the implementation of the technology infrastructure for the Wiseburn Schools.  Ms. Kaneda understands the importance of educating the total child to prepare our students for higher education and the world of employment.  Ms. Kaneda is a first generation descendent of an immigrant family that stressed a positive work ethic, compassion, and perseverance.  She has sons, all of whom have either graduated from college or are currently studying at universities.

Over the 21 years that Ms. Kaneda has been associated with Wiseburn, both with children in our schools and serving on the board, she has volunteered in AYSO soccer, Little League, Wiseburn Education Foundation, and actively supported our successful unification and school improvement campaigns.  The board’s purpose going forward is to lead the district to completion of our new Wiseburn High School, and to integrate our K-12 curriculum to the world-class standards our community expects.


Israel A. Mora

Israel A. Mora, Member
2001 - Present

Mr. Israel Mora serves on the Board of Trustees of both the Wiseburn Unified School District and Da Vinci Schools. Mr. Mora oversaw with his colleagues the on-time and under-budget completion of the District's construction projects fulfilling Wiseburn's promise to rebuild the schools.  Mr. Mora brings a wealth of experience and valuable insight in the areas of business, facilities, finance and project management.  He joined the Da Vinci Board in 2013 establishing another strong link between the two organizations and with the Wiseburn community.  Mr. Mora moved to the Hollyglen community in 1999 with his wife and two small sons who attended Cabrillo, 138th St., and Dana schools.  He was a member of the Wiseburn Education Foundation before being named to the Wiseburn School District Board of Trustees in 2001.  Born in Costa Rica, Mr. Mora came to the United States at the age of eight speaking no English. He studied Economics and Business at UCLA, and spent nine years running the UCLA student union and concessions before moving into the food and beverage industry and now the hotel business.  Mr. Mora currently serves as the general manager of the Courtyard by Marriott LAX.