Goal Areas
•  Goal 1 - Continue to strengthen the relationship with Da Vinci Schools as a top priority.  A stronger relationship strengthens our K-12 instructional program and improves the overall quality of life and education for our families and community.  Continue to bridge our two entities at every level - Board, administration, teachers, students and community.
•  Goal 2 - Make the articulation of our instructional programs K-12 a top District Priority.  Specifically focus on the transition grades 2 to 3, 5 to 6, and 8 to 9 to ensure that "we begin with the end in mind," and we carefully monitor that each level is providing a strong foundation for the next level to build on.  Work with Da Vinci Schools to develop pathways that support all 3 high schools and more specifically PLTW → Science, Coding → Communications and Graphic Arts/Visual Arts → Design.
•  Goal 3 - Continue to maintain a purposeful focus on the future of education by taking advantage of opportunities through Future Ready Schools, XQ Super Schools, the iSchool Initiative (Travis Allen), Schools That Can, the Univeristy of Southern New Hampshire (College For America) and other emerging resources.
•  Goal 4 - Work with the Centinela Valley Administrative staff and Board of Trustees to reach an agreement on amendments to the JPA legislation (Ed Code Section 35582) (SB 477 Wright) and the actual JPA Agreement, Article 12.8.2 to ensure that Centinela Valley encroachment on Wiseburn's debt limit is permanently limited after January 1, 2018 and that in all future bond elections through the JPA, the proceeds will be distributed according to an agreed upon formula, established in the amended JPA Agreement.
•  Goal 5 - Improve student performance and increase equity of outcomes for all students through district wide alignment to research-based strategies and practices to include CGI math, Wonders/Writers Workshop program adoptions, effective teaching protocols focused on 21st Century deeper learning via equitable access to devices, high-speed networks, and online resources to promote student-centered, personalized learning.
•  Goal 6 - Enhance schoolwide programs of Positive Behavior Support for All Students promoting school communities that are safe, personalized, individualized, and differentiated to ensure all learners succeed.
•  Goal 7 - Conduct research, explore options and begin to develop an implementation plan for dual language immersion programs at Wiseburn schools K-8 to include both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese options.
•  Goal 8 - Work with California School Boards Association to complete a Board Policy update that brings all Wiseburn Unified School District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations to current January 2018.
•  Goal 9 - Work with both Wiseburn and Da Vinci Boards and staff and Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke to complete a Wiseburn Unified School District Facilities Master Plan that establishes future facilities needs and future cost estimates to complete the final pieces in the reconstruction/modernization of District facilities.
•  Goal 10 - Work with Eastshore Consulting to develop a comprehensive revenue generation plan to support the District in carrying out the final pieces in the reconstruction/modernization of District facilities.