Wiseburn USD Pillars

We assure that all stakeholders will have access to a safe learning environment both physically and emotionally and are assured that well-trained adults and children on campus will take reasonable actions to maintain the safety of all students.


We assure that our instructional program and students’ entire experience at school are attentive to individual students' academic and social emotional strengths, needs, and choices. We specifically assure that this commitment applies to all students where every child is known, and their strengths and weaknesses are addressed accordingly.

Future Ready

We assure teaching and learning that includes digital literacy, reasoning, and collaborative-based experiences in academic and co-curricular programs to strengthen students’ ability to excel as life-long learners in an ever-changing world. We commit to empower all students to leave our schools with positive views and self-confidence supported by the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to equip them for an evolving world. The commitment includes an authentic and practical approach to student learning and a priority for professional learning opportunities for staff.

Community & Collaboration (DEI)

We assure that all members of the WUSD community are viewed as partners in education. We believe in diversity, equity, and inclusion. We assure all employees and stakeholders feel connected, involved, included, heard, and respected as integral members of the WUSD community. In turn, all community members will play an active role in WUSD’s continuous improvement. The district will continue its efforts at outreach to encourage community access to online, published, and more personalized settings to remain informed, involved, and knowledgeable about WUSD programs and initiatives.

Organizational Strength

We assure WUSD will manage the District as a whole, as well as individual school sites, with prudent and effective organizational procedures and practices. This includes appropriate and effective internal controls that are regularly evaluated and improved, as needed. We assure the development of our team, and we seek to implement best practices in the vital areas required to operate the District. Wiseburn further commits to maintaining a strong fiscal position that, to the extent possible, supports the high-quality advancement of our commitments in a fiscally prudent and equitable manner.