Financial Reports

Recent Updates

The Business Office has closed the books on the 2019-2020 school year and would like to highlight the fiscal strength of the General Fund for the last three years.

WUSD Three Year Summary of Operational Surplus and Reserves

Figure 1

As you can see by Figure 1, the District and Governing Board have made it a priority to maintain the fiscal strength of the District's General Fund. In each of the last three fiscal years, the District has operated a balanced budget with revenues (Figure 2) slightly outpacing total expenditures (Figure 3).

WUSD 2019-20 Summary of Revenues

Figure 2

WUSD 2019-20 Summary of Expenses

Figure 3

By operating a balanced budget, the District is able to offer a high quality educational program that is sustainable over time. Please note, the figures provided do not include any one-time revenues or one-time expenses as the figures provided are the District's "true" operating structure.