Educational Services

In collaboration with the Superintendent, the Wiseburn Unified School District Curriculum and Instruction Department provides ongoing support to the over 140 teachers and school administrators every year to ensure consistent improvements in student performance. Using the California State Standards as our guide, the WUSD staff applies research-based practices to implement a challenging, cohesive core curriculum that meets the needs of all students.  We hope you find the following resources useful in supporting your student in the Wiseburn Unified School District.

Curriculum and Instructional

In Mathematics, students and parents have access to several resources to help access these standards. The McGraw-Hill MyMath program is used in grades Kindergarten through grade 5 while students in grades 6-8 utilize College Preparatory Math (CPM). In addition, all elementary students use Spatial Temporal Math (STMath) online to increase understanding of math concepts. Our elementary teachers are learning more about Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) strategies this year through coaching and lesson study days. These collaborative efforts make the most of these important approaches to math instruction for students. The middle school offers accelerated math courses in grades seven and eight for qualified students and uses DreamBox online to further support students in math during the schools 'POD' advisory period.

English Language Arts materials and resources for Kindergarten through fifth grade include McGraw-Hill's Wonders. In grades 6-8, students are fully engaged with Writers Workshop further supported by NewsELA and NoRedInk online programs. All programs are blended and offer print and digital resources as well as integrated English Language Development standards and lessons. Accelerated reader is available to all students throughout the district as part of our plan to promote literacy and a love of reading.

In science, Kindergarten through grade 5 teachers work with UCLA Center X for Science in studying the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and will pilot curriculum options later this year. Extended professional development is also available as part of a cohort of South Bay districts to study and develop NGSS performance tasks and rubrics which can then be used in lessons. For the middle school, "bridge" materials have been provided to implement integrated Next Generation Science Standards. Instead of isolated science instruction at each grade level, sixth through eighth grade students experience life science, physical science, and earth science at each grade level. Middle school teachers attend NGSS training and collaborate with fellow teachers to create lessons designed to fully engage students in the study of science. The STEMScopes online program is used as an resource at all middle school grades and has provided out of the box thinking and activities for our students. Finally, our teachers in grades K-8 continue to follow the California State History-Social Science Framework with teachers at the middle school planning collaboratively each month to design interactive and rigorous lessons for students.

Please use the contacts below to determine the individual who can best help you with a particular question or situation.

District Contacts

Aileen Harbeck 2014
Aileen Harbeck, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services
(310) 725-2101
Sarah Nitsos
Sarah Nitsos
District Coordinator
(310) 725-4700
Joanne Michael
Science/STEM Specialist,
Teacher On Special Assignment
(310) 725-2101
Eileen Maolott 2017
Eileen Malott
Phone: (310) 725-2101 ext. 5302
Elanya Thompson
TK-5 Balanced Literacy
Teacher On Special Assignment
(310) 725-2101