Personalized Professional Learning

Our Mission
The goal of the Wiseburn Unified School District Staff Development Program is to improve the quality of classroom instruction by increasing the skills and competence of all teachers, thereby improving educational opportunities for the district's students.
Staff Development Opportunities and Resources
Educational Services is pleased to provide a variety of onsite professional development opportunities for WUSD teachers. Onsite professional learning may take place during the summer, during the school day, during pupil free days, or after school. Off-site options include workshops, conferences, and job alike observations and collaboration opportunities in neighboring districts.
Teacher personalized professional learning opportunities are provided on WUSD school sites. We provide many opportunities for certificated staff during summer or after school, or certificated sub-release time for sessions during the school day. Most of our onsite workshops are workshops are organized and facilitated by site principals and staff. In addition, the district provide for 3 pupil free professional learning days coordinated by district staff focused on standards based instruction and resources. Specifically, staff have participated in workshops related to new resource adoptions in English, educational technology, introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards, and signature practice skill development in Mathematics.
Teacher personalized professional learning opportunities are provided in WUSD throughout the year with workshops for certificated staff during the summer and during the school year at the Los Angeles County Office of Education, via joint in-services in partnership with local districts, or and through sub-release time  allowing teachers to observe peers in neighboring districts.
WUSD teachers are first learners and professional development is just part of the year-long effort to continuously develop as professional educators.
New Teacher Induction
The WUSD New Teacher Induction program is designed to welcome and prepare all newly hired teachers to the district for success as they strive to meet the needs of the full range of learners in the classroom. All new teachers are paired with a mentor teacher on their campus and participate in a local induction cohort comprised of teachers from neighboring districts.
The WUSD Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (TLAC) meets 4 times a year to review and advise on topics related to curriculum, professional learning, teaching resources, and initiative implementation in the district. This committee is comprised of teacher representatives from all sites, school principals, and district staff.