Human Resources

Nisha Dugal, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
Silke Tecun
Human Resources Technician
310-725-2101 x 5104


Our greatest contribution to the Wiseburn Unified School District is to be certain there are outstanding Wiseburn employees in every classroom, school, and department.  Our Wiseburn employees understand their role in the success of the organization, are focused on the needs of children, and care that every child receives an excellent education.
We Believe That We Should. . .
  1. Commit to Excellence Every Day
  2. Believe in People
  3. Promote Open and Effective Communication
  4. Cultivate Honesty, Fairness, Personal Dignity and Self-Respect
  5. Provide a Nurturing Environment
  6. Inspire People to Participate and Be Involved
  7. Encourage Continuous Personal Improvement