Information for New Incoming Permit Applicants

An interdistrict Attendance Permit Agreement allows children to attend schools outside their resident school district.   It is very important that you notify your district of residence to find out when you can submit your release permit request for the 2020-21 school year.  You do not want to miss the opportunity to apply.   Please note the time frame for LAUSD and Inglewood Unified, please call them to confirm dates below:
  • Los Angeles Unified School District:   February 1, 2020 - April 30, 2020
    (Applications must be submitted online at
  • Inglewood Unified School District:    April 1, 2020
Additional information will be needed when you submit your release permit request - to view the list of supporting documents.
To learn more about the appeal process.

Important 2020 Dates:
  March 30 - July 2     
Interdistrict permit applications will be reviewed for possible placement if space is available.  Approval notifications will be mailed in the months of May through August.  If any grades reaches capacity, applicants will be place on a wait list.
 July 6 - August 28         
Any interdistrict permit applications received for any grade that is already at capacity will be automatically placed on a wait list.  We recommend that you have  an alternative plan for your child in case we are unable to meet your permit request.  If  space does become  available, approval notifications will be made either by mail and/or phone during the first three weeks of school to students on the wait list.

     September 18                                                                                           
The wait list expires and final denial notification letters will be mailed no later than September 21, 2020.
Thank you for your interest in the Wiseburn Unified School District.  The following should answer any questions you might have regarding the interdistrict permit process:
  • Interdistrict Permit Applications will become available on Monday, March 30, 2020 through August 28, 2020 for the 2020-21 school year.
  • Even though you have obtained an “approved” release from your school of residence, your child is still guaranteed a seat to return to his/her resident school district if you choose to return.
  • Filling out our Interdistrict Permit Application does not guarantee your child a space in Wiseburn.  We recommend that you have an alternative plan for your child in case we are unable to meet your permit request. 
  • In late spring, an initial analysis of the number of possible seats available for the 2020-21 school year for "new" permit applicants will be determined.  The determination of available seats may occur on a rolling basis during the months of May through August.  
  • Approvals of interdistrict permit requests are based on a random lottery by grade/school when space availability is determined.  Please refrain from making any calls to check on the status of your child(ren)'s application(s) at this time.  Because of the large volume of applicants, we cannot return every single call in a timely manner, especially during the months of July and August.  We apologize in advance.
  • Only approved applicants for Kindergarten and sixth grade will be notified by mail starting in May and June and if necessary in July and August.
  • There is a possibility that we may not be able to honor the school you requested based on lack of seat availability at that particular school.  If that happens and your application is approved, your child will be placed at one of our other schools that do have a seat available. 
  • For Hawthorne, Lawndale, and Lennox School District families, Wiseburn entered into an agreement in 2012 with these districts regarding the number of permit requests that Wiseburn can approve from these districts each school year.  Once the enrollment cap is reached for any of these districts, Wiseburn will not be able to accommodate any more permit requests for that school year.  For the 2020-21 school year, we already met the cap of 160 with Hawthorne School District and the cap of 75 with Lawndale School District.
Along with our application, the following documents are required to determine eligibility:  (bring originals)
  • Requests for Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten:
    a) The most recent completed Pre-School or TK trimester report card or any currently available data on behavior and academic readiness.
  • Requests for Grades First through Third:
    a)  The most recent completed trimester report card evidencing a grade point average of 3.0 and no behavior or attendance issues;  and
    b)  The final report card for the prior school year showing entire year's reporting grades.
  • Requests for Grades Fourth through Eighth:
    a)  The most recent completed semester (or trimester) report card evidencing a grade point average of 3.0 and no behavior or attendance issues;
    b)  The final report card for the prior school year showing entire year's reporting grades;  and 
    c)  The most recent standardized test scores, i.e. California Assessment of Student Performance &  Progress (CAASPP), Iowa, Stanford, etc.
  • It is your responsibility to fill out Wiseburn's permit application completely and submit all the required documentation listed above for your application to be considered complete.  No follow-up reminders will be made if your application is incomplete.  Incomplete applications will not be processed and will be abandoned after 14 days.
  • Applicants with an incomplete submission or whose submissions do not meet the guidelines will not be entered in the lottery.
  • Submit a copy of your approved release permit from your resident school district once you received it.