Information for Returning/Renewal Permit Applicants

Do I need to renew my resident district release annually?
       No.  Under a new assembly bill, AB 2444 that was passed on September 24, 2010, it states that if your child is currently enrolled in the district of attendance (Wiseburn) as a permit student, you do NOT have to re-apply for his/her release from your district of residence for him/her to continue enrollment in the district of attendance (Wiseburn) - this is Wiseburn's interpretation of AB 2444.  Please call your resident district to verify and for more information.
       However, both Los Angeles Unified School District's and Inglewood Unified School District's interpretation of AB 2444 is that "Students who have a valid permit to attend a specific school may continue attendance in that same school without the need to re-apply annually to the district of residence or attendance.  When the student matriculates, or there is a change of school placement, a new permit is required."
       Until further notice from Wiseburn, ONLY Los Angeles Unified School District and Inglewood Unified School District families need to renew their release ONLY if your child is a current Anza or 138th St. 5th grader that will attend Dana Middle School for the 2012-21 school year.
Do I need to renew Wiseburn's permit application annually?
       Yes.  This is so we can maintain a full accounting and accurate record of our students on interdistrict permits.
Will the Wiseburn permit application form be sent home with my child(ren)?
       No.   Starting May 26 through June 12, you will be issued a new "Permit Renewal Number" via email and the link to Wiseburn's online permit application.  For those families who do not have internet access, the permit application will be mailed.  Only application with a valid "Permit Renewal Number" will be processed.
       For "new" sibling request, please pick up a hard copy of the permit application at the District Office - applications for new requests are only available as a hard copy.  Don't forget that you do need to apply for a release permit request for the "new" incoming sibling with your resident school district.
When will I find out that my child(ren)'s permit has been approved?
       Your child's permit will be automatically approved as long as your child continues to meet the Student Expectations and Parent Requirements and space is available.  Acceptance notification will be emailed or mailed to you by mid-August.