Dear Wiseburn Families and Friends,
I am so excited to welcome our families back to another school year and for all of the possibilities that are on the horizon for our students. The first day of school is August 27, 2019 and I hope you share in my enthusiasm for the start of a great year. 
I feel very lucky to be a part of a school district with such an excellent support system. Our parents are truly second to none and provide so many ingredients that make Wiseburn an exceptional place for our students to grow. We encourage our parents to partner with us in your child’s education and to support our schools in any way you can. Whether volunteering for a field trip, in a classroom, for special events, or being an active member on the PTA, School Site Council(s), and/or the Wiseburn Education Foundation, your presence will make a difference. Spending time supporting your child’s education can include many tasks, such as attending Back to School Nights, cultivating consistent reading habits, supporting ample study time, and establishing healthy eating and sleeping routines. I am hopeful that every student that walks through our gates has a strong start to the school year! 
Here in Wiseburn we are lucky to have the best teaching and support staff around. Our team works tirelessly to build a culture around safety, connectedness, and high performance. recently released the 2020 rankings and Wiseburn Unified School District was ranked as the #1 Safest School District in California! We are proud of this accomplishment, but also know that we need to continue to ensure that our students have a secure, caring, and healthy learning environment. The Wiseburn community means so much to us and it is always great to know that we are unified in our commitment to support our children as they thrive through school. We will continue to embody the important tenets of respect, empathy, inclusion, compassion, and courage as we understand the value they bring to our children as they grow and mature. 
Our campuses look great and we are prepared for a successful start to the 2019-2020 school year! I look forward to joining you in supporting your child’s educational journey. 
Blake Silvers, Ed.D.
Proud Superintendent
Wiseburn Unified School District