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Measure EE - Your Bond Tax Dollars at Work!

January 2024 Update

Capital Improvement Projects Update

Del Aire Elementary School Modernization Project and Safety & Security


The Del Aire Elementary School Modernization and Safety & Security Project is progressing smoothly. Following the Board of Trustees' decision at the July 27, 2023 Board meeting, NAC Architecture was awarded the Architectural and Engineering contract, marking the initiation of this transformative process. The design journey commenced with a productive kick-off meeting on August 11, 2023, and has since seen successful completion of the Programming, Schematic Design, and Design Development Phases.

Currently, the project is advancing towards the final stage of its design evolution—the Construction Documents Phase. In this crucial stage, meticulous refinement and finalization of project plans and specifications are underway. The culmination of these efforts will lead to the submission of the comprehensive package to the Division of State Architect (DSA) for review and ultimate approval. Given the project's size, DSA review is estimated to take approximately 6-9 months.

Anticipated to break ground in January 2025, the Modernization and Safety & Security Project aims not only to enhance the school's interior but also to fortify the campus's safety and security measures. Key implementations include electronic door locks and the establishment of a single point of entry, ensuring a secure environment. The project's overarching objectives encompass addressing aging infrastructure, upgrading equipment, and refining interior finishes. Through these efforts, our goal is to cultivate a school environment that not only supports learning and innovation but also prioritizes the paramount importance of safety.

Del Aire Elementary School Roof Replacement Project


A comprehensive evaluation has been recently conducted to appraise the condition and life span of the roofs at Del Aire Elementary School. The assessment revealed that all building roof systems have exceeded their life cycle and are in need of replacement. Rather than deferring the replacement until the broader modernization project, the District has opted to prioritize the Roofing Replacement Project for this upcoming summer.

Following the recent bidding process, the Board of Trustees awarded the construction contract to Best Contracting Services, Inc. during the January 18, 2024, Board meeting. The Roof Replacement Project is slated to commence on June 14, 2024, with a targeted completion date of August 16, 2024.

Wiseburn High School Soccer Field


Exciting news! The design phase for the Wiseburn High School Soccer Field is nearing its conclusion. At the September 28, 2023 Board meeting, the Board of Trustees awarded the Architectural & Engineering contract to PBK, marking a significant milestone in the project's progression. The design process kicked off late September 2023, and has since seen successfully completed all phases of design.  Final plans and specifications were submitted to DSA on January 26, 2024

The transformation of the Wiseburn soccer field is an exciting endeavor, encompassing a comprehensive renovation of its infrastructure. A key aspect of this initiative is the enhancement of the playing surface itself. The field is set to undergo a thorough resurfacing process, adhering to the highest safety and performance standards. This includes the integration of cutting-edge turf technologies and drainage systems to optimize the playing surface for unparalleled durability, traction, and playability.

With an anticipated groundbreaking in May 2024, the Soccer Field Project is poised for completion by mid-August 2024. This timeline underscores our commitment to delivering a state-of-the-art facility that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the Wiseburn High School community. Get ready for an upgraded soccer experience, where safety, performance, and playability converge for an exceptional athletic environment!

135th & Aviation Sports Complex


The design of the 135th & Aviation Sports Complex Project is progressing exceptionally well! At the Board of Trustees meeting on September 28, 2023, PBK was awarded the Architectural & Engineering contract, marking a significant milestone in the project's timeline. Since then, the design phase has been in full swing, commencing on November 15, 2023.

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the Schematic Design Phase, and the project has seamlessly transitioned into the Design Development Phase. Our team is dedicated to delivering a state-of-the-art facility that meets the highest standards. We are on track to submit comprehensive plans and specifications to DSA by the end of May 2024.

Considering the scale of this project, we anticipate a thorough review by DSA, which is estimated to take approximately 6-9 months. This thorough process is essential to ensure the project's compliance and safety standards.


A highlight of this exciting venture is the incorporation of expansive field space accommodating various sports, including NFHS Softball, Little League, and NFHS Soccer. Understanding the importance of essential amenities, the project encompasses plans for additional parking, restrooms, storage, and a warming kitchen. These enhancements aim to elevate the overall experience for players, spectators, and staff, offering convenient access and ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for all site users.

As we look ahead, the groundbreaking for the 135th & Aviation Sports Complex is scheduled for February 2025. We are enthusiastic about the positive impact this facility will have on the community and are committed to delivering a facility that exceeds expectations in both design and functionality.

Del Aire Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Project


The District is set to enhance the facilities at Del Aire Elementary School by retrofitting two undersized classrooms within the current Child Development Center (CDC) Building. Additionally, a new TK-size classroom will be introduced as part of the Del Aire Conversion Project. This initiative encompasses the installation of a TK restroom, storage facilities, and minor ADA upgrades. Breaking ground in June 2024, the project is scheduled to be completed and ready for use by the commencement of the school year in August 2024.

Hollyglen Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Conversion Project


The District is undertaking a comprehensive initiative to enhance educational facilities at Hollyglen Elementary School. The plan involves retrofitting six currently undersized classrooms within the existing CDC Building and introducing four new classrooms tailored for Transitional Kindergarten. This strategic project is designed to address the growing demand for additional adequately sized TK classrooms in the District.

The scope includes TK restrooms, storage, dedicated spaces for teacher collaboration, and minor ADA upgrades. The goal is to create a modern and inclusive learning environment that meets the evolving needs of the student population.

Anticipated to commence construction in winter 2025, the project is slated to be completed and ready for use by the start of the school year in August 2025. This timely transformation reflects the District's commitment to providing optimal facilities that support the educational journey of students at all sites.

The Following Projects Represent Non-Bond Funded Projects

Solar Photovoltaic Carport Projects


The District is currently embarking on an ambitious renewable energy generation and storage initiative, involving the installation of cutting-edge Solar Photovoltaic Carport Arrays, Battery Storage Systems, and EV Charging Stations at Aviation ES, Del Aire ES, Hollyglen ES, and Wiseburn MS. These Solar Projects are strategically aligned with the District's overarching objectives of fostering sustainability and curbing energy expenses.

To ensure the seamless execution of these projects, the Program Management Team is actively collaborating with Sitelogic, a renowned industry expert firm, to develop a comprehensive plan. The funding for these Solar Projects has been secured through a private loan, and the repayment will be exclusively covered by the energy savings generated from these innovative projects. The District foresees a substantial net savings of up to $16 million over the next 30 years, underscoring the long-term economic and environmental benefits of this forward-thinking initiative!


Previous Updates

Measure EE Facts

Background: Wiseburn Unified School District (WUSD) is the local provider of TK-12 public education, and has two key priorities: first, to ensure academic and career success for every teacher and student; and second, to make sure that its five school campuses, including facilities, technology, and school grounds are healthy, safe, secure, technologically current, environmentally sound, and equipped to provide Wiseburn teachers and students with the very best educational setting possible. As one of the top performing districts in the state, WUSD has been planning to ensure our facilities continue to support excellent teaching and learning for years to come. As part of that process, a community input driven 2022 Facilities Master Plan has been adopted. This identifies key safety updates and critical repairs that are needed to ensure safe, modern, up-to-date classrooms and labs to support teaching and learning. Measure EE provides a plan to address the most critical WUSD School District facilities & technology needs. No other funding currently exists to properly upgrade these facilities. 

Measure EE DEFINED: Measure EE is a school bond measure on the November 8, 2022 ballot seeking voter authorization for Wiseburn Unified School District funding to make needed facilities repairs, technology upgrades, and improvements to school sites. Measure EE requires 55% support to pass. A “YES vote” approves funding for the District’s plan; a “NO vote” rejects the plan. 

Measure EE Ballot Question: “To upgrade school security, emergency communications and fire safety systems, upgrade classroom technology, science, computer and engineering labs; repair aging gas/water lines, leaky roofs; ensure school drinking water remains safe; repair, construct, acquire equipment, sites/facilities; shall Wiseburn Unified School District’s locally controlled measure authorizing $98,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, levying 3¢ per $100 of assessed valuation, generating $6,300,000 annually while bonds are outstanding be adopted, requiring audits, independent oversight and public disclosure of all spending?”

Measure EE Summary – Measure EE will:

  • Retain and attract quality teachers by maintaining safe, modern, up-to-date classrooms and facilities
  • Upgrade campus safety and security for emergencies including safety doors, smoke alarms/detectors, and communications systems.
  • Improve student access to instruction in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math).
  • Repair urgent basic needs including gas lines, leaky roofs, disabled accessibility, HVAC, plumbing, internet access, etc.
  • Provide clean, safe sports fields.
  • Improve access to student mental health services

Taxpayer Safeguards:

  • By law, all funds from Measure EE must stay local, dedicated to WUSD schools only.    
  • The State cannot take Measure EE funding away. 
  • Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee, independent annual audits, and regular public reports ensure proper spending of funds. 

Measure EE would cost property owners 3 cents per $100 of assessed valuation per year, while bonds are outstanding. The assessed valuation refers to the taxable value, not the market value of your property. The taxable value of your home or business will depend on when you purchased it.

Commercial, industrial, and residential property would be subject to the assessment. Because the property in the WUSD community is mostly business, Measure EE would be funded 75% by business and 25% by residents.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please visit our website at: or contact Superintendent Blake Silvers via email at or by phone: (310) 725-2101 ext. 5105.

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WUSD Facilities Master Plan

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