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Success Learning Center (6-12th)



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Parent Testimonial


My daughter transferred to Success Learning Center at the end of her 8th grade year. She was at her end, stuggling with anxiety, depression and ADD. Despite the best efforts of her middle school faculty, she was lost. She was ditching class, and far too often refused to go to school at all. Between difficult kids and teachers who didn't understand her, she couldn't cope. I honestly believe she would have failed 8th grade completely if not for the transfer to SLC.

SLC, due to the extraordinary efforts of the teachers aids, counselors and faculty, my daughter thrived, geting the best grades she has ever had. But even more important that the grades, my daughter didn't feel like a failure anymore. Everyone at SLC understands how to bring out the best in the kids. They understood when my daughter was having a bad day, and they help her process through it. She felt valued and understood, which in turn inspired her to do her best. They saw her gifts and helped her shine.

The faculty met with me regularly to share my daughter's progress. The information was invaluable to me as I worked with her doctors to help her grow and succeed both emotionally and educationally. It was such a comfort to me knowing she was surrounded by a team of educators who understood how to inspire her.

I don't know what would have happened with my daughter if not for SLC. We probably would have struggled with home schooling, which neither she nor I would have been qualified or capable of. But because she had the opportunity to attend SLC she made life-long friends and was able to graduate with her class. Many kids are not that lucky.

Success Learning Center is a blessing to the children and families of this community. I hope that someday all districts have this option for the children who need it.

Mother of Graduated SLC Student