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For 8 years we went to every meeting, every doctor, every psychologist, every therapist, in home, in school, at third party locations. These meetings even included time spent considering if our son should go to live in facilities. All because he's quiet. Insecure. School-averse.

As a mother, I've been the best advocate for him, but I could only work with the tools I had. SLC is the tool we needed to unlock our sons educational and emotional condition.

Since beginning in the 7th grade, after in home hospitalization, homeschooling, no schooling, partial schooling, attendance in body only, administrators, teachers, staff, counselors, office staff never engaging his mind, instead focusing on his paralyzing shyness, we finally found our oasis in the emotional desert of traditional schooling.

SLC saved us. SLC gave our son the confidence and safety to expand his mind and encourage his social development with the same dedication traditional schools aren't able to provide.

With the most heaping dose of appreciation & respect and a healing dose of gratefulness.

Mother of SLC High School Student

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SLC Newsletter June 2021