Violin purchase for each 5th grade student supports music instruction pathway

Photo of a violin

All 5th grade Wiseburn students will have the opportunity to learn to play violin, starting the 2021-22 school year.

Thanks to Wiseburn Unified's partnership with sponsoring organization Wiseburn Education Foundation, the district has acquired one violin per student — a 1:1 ratio that allows all 5th graders to receive instruction in early orchestration.

In collaboration with the Wiseburn Education Foundation, WUSD has consistently grown music education for students, offering engaging and immersive music curriculum in all grade levels, providing new and innovative ways to bring the arts to TK-8 grade students.

This most recent effort builds upon the pathway of music education through TK-5.

The new violin program provides a natural progression to the many fine arts electives available at Dana Middle School — from symphonic band, to orchestra, to multi-media arts and other performance based classes — as well as the music seminars available through the DaVinci High Schools.

"Music is one of the few disciplines that through its very nature, teaches patience, critical thinking, perseverance, and collaboration. It helps develop social skills and encourages students to work together towards a common goal," said Aileen Harbeck, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Wiseburn. "The introduction of violins in grade 5 is a culmination of the elementary model, which takes students to a higher level of their musical exposure and instruction."

Music pathways at Wiseburn

Music pathways at WUSD reflect a growth model of music education, starting with rhythm and beat and progressing to symphonic band and orchestra ensembles.

  • K-2 Music
    • Rhythm and Beat; Choral Singing; Movement, Orff Music, Informances (classroom based performances)
  • 3-5 Music
    • Violins for All (5), Ukulele (4); Recorder (3); Choral Singing/Rhythm and Beat (3-5); Music Notation (4-5) (Performance options include Rock Around the Block and Winter & Spring Concerts)
  • 6-8 Music Electives
    • Concert Band, Symphonic Band; Beginning Strings, Ukulele, Orchestra, Multi-Media Arts (Performance options include Rock Around the Block, TakePart Spring Festival, and Winter & Spring Concerts)
  • 9-12 Da Vinci Music Seminars, Beginning Strings