Wiseburn COVID-19 Dashboard

November 7, 2020

As anticipated, we find ourselves still in the Widespread tier, preventing us from fully reopening for general education. The current trending is problematic as we approach the holiday season. However, we are exploring the options available to us and have more on that below.

COVID-19 Data

CA County Map
Statewide metrics

7.7 New COVID-19 positive cases per day per 100K
(Increase of 0.7 from last WUSD Dashboard)

3.3% Positivity rate
(Remains the same from last WUSD Dashboard)

LA County
Los Angeles County metrics

12.5 New COVID-19 cases per day per 100K
(Increase of 2.4 from last WUSD Dashboard)

7.6 Adjusted case rate for tier assignment
(Decrease of 0.1 from prior Dashboard)

3.4% Positivity rate
(Increase of 0.6% from last WUSD Dashboard)

Los Angeles County Tier:


Minimum requirements to move tiers

County risk level chart

Counties must meet the following two conditions in order to move from the Widespread to the Substantial tier:

  • Positivity rate must be below 8%
  • Cases per 100,000 residents must be below 7 new cases per 100,000 residents

(Source for all the above data and information)

What this means for schools:

Schools may not reopen fully for in-person instruction until the county has been in the Substantial (red) tier for two weeks. To move forward, a county must meet the next tier's criteria for two consecutive weeks (28 days minimum).

See the animated explanation below of how schools in Los Angeles County can reopen as the county progresses tiers in this video explanation by Superintendent Blake Silvers:

How L.A. County Schools Reopen

Outlook for COVID-19 in Los Angeles County

We don't know for certain when Los Angeles County might begin to move into the Substantial (Red) tier and thus be eligible for some sort of general education school reopening. However, based on what we do know, it appears the outlook is not improving as we head into winter and the holiday season..

Per the most recent data, Los Angeles County officials "reported the highest single daily case count of coronavirus infections not connected with a backlog since late August," according to the Los Angeles Times.

An estimated 1 in 670 residents of Los Angeles County are currently infected with the virus, a jump from last week's estimate of 1 in 1,000 residents. Experts forecast this trend will continue nationally as we enter the colder winter months as people gather more indoors, and as the holidays approach and residents potentially gather with families and friends.

What this all means for Wiseburn

We must follow all directives from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the state of California. Because of this, we remain in a distance learning model of instruction.

However, we are exploring options to bring our students to campus where safe and permitted under all state and local directives.

  • On November 2, we launched the first phase of our plan to bring in some students with specialized learning needs for in-person assessments. The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health inspector conducted a safety inspection of Wiseburn, and we were deemed fully compliant with no recommendations. These assessments will continue through the end of the school year.
  • Under state restrictions, we are not permitted to fully reopen for in-person learning for general education. However, local school and health officials may decide to open certain elementary schools pending receipt of a waiver from local health officers. Wiseburn is in the process of applying for this waiver and will notify the community should it be granted. Our plan was presented by Superintendent Blake Silvers during our October 29 board meeting.

Our goal remains to bring students back to campuses as soon as it is safe to do so. We know the weight of nearly eight months of a global pandemic has been detrimental to our students, families and caregivers, staff, and nation as a whole, and as such we are actively taking every step forward available to us to bring students back safely.

We recognize that some students, families, and caregivers may be uncomfortable with returning to in-person operations, if and when they may occur in the months ahead. We have developed an all-encompassing health and safety plan that draws on the best practices and recommendations of our local health district and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in order to maintain the health and safety of our students, staff, families, and community at large.

However, we will still be providing students, families, and caregivers with the choice to opt in or out for in-person education if and when we are able to provide it.. In the event of a physical school reopening, families will have an option for either our in-person learning or our distance learning model.

Though there is collective fatigue from the restrictions we're under, we applaud our community for continuing to practice infection prevention practices: socially distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and staying home when sick. These collective efforts do make a difference, and will continue to keep us safe as we aspire to a return to campus. We will continue to keep our community updated on these efforts via our district-wide email communications and our social media pages.

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