Update 1: September 30 Meeting

Following each meeting of the citizens advisory committee, the school renaming email group receives an email recap and an invitation to share their thoughts on the information compiled by the committee as they complete their objectives. Want to join the email group? Sign up here!


Wiseburn Renaming Committee Updates

October 2, 2021 | Leer en español

Welcome to the school renaming email group!

Hello, and thank you for signing up for the Wiseburn school renaming email group!


As you know, the Wiseburn community has mobilized around the exciting opportunity to collectively affirm existing names or to select more timeless names that align with the values of Wiseburn's tight-knit, inclusive, and welcoming community. (Read more about the history here.)


By signing up for this email group, you will be informed about and your feedback will be requested throughout the school renaming process, led by an assembled group of community and school representatives, known as the citizens advisory committee. This committee will collectively explore current and prospective namesakes for school sites through discussion, deliberation, and transparent two-way communication with the broader community.


In essence, the citizens advisory committee acts as a guide or organizer of information to the broader community, fostering a constant feedback loop among the citizens advisory committee, community, and Wiseburn Board of Trustees.


On Thursday, September 30, the committee met for the first time. Read our recap of the meeting below.

September 30 Meeting Recap

During the committee’s first meeting, the group discussed the goals, expectations of committee members, and timeline of the renaming process.


From there, they explored the District Assurances, which will guide the renaming considerations. Then, they moved into breakout rooms to explore the history of each school site’s namesake in the context of the District Assurances and their associated values, and shared brief summaries of their initial findings by school site.


View the slides from the meeting by clicking the image below:

Screen Shot 2021-09-28 at 3.25.18 PM.png

Group Summaries

Committee members were sorted into breakout rooms based on their school site affiliation. In the breakout rooms, the groups each examined the personal histories of their school site namesake, consulting the following educational resources for information: 


The school site groups then explored the values that make up the Wiseburn Unified School District, and compared whether the histories of the namesakes matched up with the WUSD values.


138th St. School found that every member of their breakout room was in alignment with the WUSD School Board action of moving forward with renaming the school, as the group unanimously felt that Peter Hardeman Burnett does not represent the school’s and Wiseburn’s values.


All three other schools had engaging and respectful conversations about their respective namesakes, and each group expressed a desire to further research their namesake and consult additional materials to make a more informed recommendation to the Board of Trustees regarding a potential name change for the respective school sites. The groups also aim to explore additional opportunities to engage students in the renaming exploration process.


Committee members will be continuing the conversation from the September 30 meeting at their next meeting on October 21. At the conclusion of that meeting, a summary will be compiled and sent out here to our renaming email group, who will be invited to vote on the summaries of the committee’s findings.

Questions? Contact Dr. Monique Ingram: mingram@wiseburn.org

Involve Your Community

Want to help spread the word about this process? Grab the image below to post to your social networks and get your fellow community members involved!


Use the hashtag #WUSDRenaming and tell your friends and community members to visit our school renaming information portal at wiseburn.org/renaming.

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Tune into the Upcoming Board Meeting

An initial report on the renaming process and committee will be made to the WUSD Board of Trustees at their next regularly scheduled meeting. If you’d like to hear the report, tune in with the details below:


October 14 at 6 p.m.

Via Zoom: bit.ly/wusd-boardmtg

Webinar ID: 812 7842 2886

Passcode: Wiseburn

Next Committee Meeting

The next citizens advisory committee meeting will take place on October 21 at 6 p.m. (subject to change). The renaming email group recap will then be distributed shortly after the meeting.

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