Update 4: December 7 Committee Meeting Recap

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Wiseburn Renaming Committee Updates

December 14, 2021 | Leer en español

December 7 Meeting Recap

The December 7 meeting of the citizens advisory committee provided an opportunity to reflect on the status of the renaming exploration process, to provide a deeper discussion on the roles of the committee, community, and WUSD School Board, and to discuss additional ideas for engaging the wider community.


Status of the renaming exploration process

  • Currently, the only school that has been determined will be renamed permanently is 138th St. School. The new name and type of name (i.e. named after a person or geography) has not yet been selected.
  • Renaming for Anza, Cabrillo, and Dana is still being explored, with the input of the committee, community, and WUSD School Board. No decision has been made to rename, nor what type of name if the renaming process moves forward at these schools.
  • The final determination for school renaming will be made by the WUSD School Board. The WUSD School Board will be informed in their decision-making by the citizens advisory committee and the Wiseburn community.


Roles of the committee, community, and WUSD School Board

  • The committee, community, and WUSD School Board will engage in a constant feedback loop involving research, discussions, and surveys.
  • The Citizens Advisory Committee will act as community representation and will lead and engage by: informing the community, promoting engagement and soliciting feedback of community members, and providing recommendations to the WUSD School Board.
  • Community Members will learn about school renaming through updates and resources shared by Wiseburn and will provide feedback to the committee and WUSD School Board through community surveys.
  • The WUSD School Board will learn about school renaming through presentations on committee meetings and data from community surveys, will provide feedback to help inform the renaming exploration process, and will make decisions using the data, feedback, and materials provided by the committee and community.


To learn more, view the slides by clicking the image below.

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Engaging the Wider Community

During the second meeting of the citizens advisory committee on November 4, the committee members determined that the current namesakes do not align with the Wiseburn assurances and prefer to rename the schools.


Less than one percent of the Wiseburn community responded to the currently open survey. A slight majority of the respondents feel the current namesakes of Anza, Cabrillo, and Dana do align with the Wiseburn assurances and prefer to not rename the schools.


When considering whether to rename schools, some respondents weighed factors beyond the Wiseburn assurances. Analytics of communications platforms also demonstrated that the same information presented to the committee isn’t necessarily being reviewed by community members.


This led to a discussion in the committee of weighing WUSD assurances against other factors and strengthening community engagement in the process of researching, reflecting, and voicing their opinions.


Following group discussions, committee members were presented with a committee member toolkit. In this toolkit, committee members have access to ideas and resources to spread information about school renaming.


For example, committee members were provided with information on the history of the renaming process, the steps they can encourage others to take, and how they can conduct outreach. They also were given access to resources like social media ideas and sample content and communications templates.


Committee members were then asked to make commitments about how they would inform and engage the community. They shared these commitments in a committee survey, which closed out the meeting.

Share Your Thoughts

An initial summary of the community survey responses received through November 11 was reviewed during the WUSD School Board meeting. The survey remains open for community feedback as we prepare for the next WUSD School Board meeting on December 14.


Click the button below to take the survey and share your thoughts with the committee if you haven’t yet. Be sure to review USC history professor Dr. Philip Ethington’s presentation and our renaming committee’s discussion notes, then submit your thoughts on whether you feel our school namesakes represent Wiseburn’s assurances and whether the schools should be renamed.


If you have already responded to the survey, you can encourage your friends and community members to share their thoughts using the image for social media below.

Provide feedback to the committee

Questions? Contact Dr. Monique Ingram: mingram@wiseburn.org

Involve Your Community

Want to help spread the word about this process? Grab the image below to post to your social networks and get your fellow community members involved!


Use the hashtag #WUSDRenaming and tell your friends and community members to visit our school renaming information portal at wiseburn.org/renaming.

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Next Committee Meeting

The next citizens advisory committee meeting will be scheduled based on committee member availability. Following the meeting, the renaming email group recap will be distributed to this email list.

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