Wiseburn's Reopening Plan

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the reopening of Wiseburn USD for the 2020-21 academic year is a matter of public health. As such, the district is required to follow health orders from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH), as well as state and federal requirements and statutes.

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The 2020-21 Plan


The Wiseburn Reopening Advisory Partnership (WRAP) will work together to support the ongoing health and connectedness of our community and support our continued effort to ensure that our students are receiving high-quality instruction that meets their needs.

Guiding principles

1) Maximize the safety and the health of everyone (as little health risk as possible);
2) Build and strengthen positive relationships among students and between students and teachers to support academic learning and growth;
3) Contribute positively to student motivation to engage in distance learning to support academic learning and growth.

Five-stage reopening plan

Models of Instruction

Due to Los Angeles County’s placement on the County Monitoring List, Wiseburn USD will reopen September 1 virtually with distance learning in place for our TK-8 schools. Da Vinci Schools will start the upcoming year on August 17 with all-remote learning.

However, we have a framework with a flexible, five-stage physical reopening plan that we can invoke as the COVID-19 outlook improves.

The five phases sit in between the two ends of the instruction model spectrum, from total distance learning to total in-person learning. Starting with phase one and through phase five, we will employ a hybrid learning model of instruction, which blends distance and in-person learning. Each stage will gradually bring students to campus either in larger groups or for longer periods of time and provides flexibility to move between the stages as needed.

For families and caregivers who do not feel comfortable with their students physically returning to campus at any point, they can opt for a full distance learning model of instruction. Families and caregivers will be prompted by Wiseburn to make this decision closer to the start of the first phase of hybrid learning in order to make the most informed decision as possible. Our teachers and staff are currently exploring programs that will allow for a seamless transition between hybrid and distance learning to further accommodate students and to complement distance learning instruction.

Five-Stage Reopening Plan


Hybrid Models of Instruction

As Wiseburn progresses through the five stages of the hybrid models of instruction, each stage will bring slight changes that allow for the safest operation depending on the current COVID-19 outlook.

In the below table, the changes between each stage are represented by bolded and underlined text.

Stage Students physically present On-campus instruction time
1 3 Cohorts (1/3 student body)
8-12 students per classroom
3 hours, 1 day per week per cohort
2 2 Cohorts (1/2 student body)
13-16 students per classroom
3 hours, 1 day per week per cohort
3 2 Cohorts (1/2 student body)
13-16 students per classroom
3 hours, 2 days per week per cohort
4 2 Cohorts (1/2 student body)
13-16 students per classroom
Full day, 2 days per week per cohort
5 All students Full day 2 days per week


Student Distance Learning Schedules Distance Learning Curriculum Health and Safety


WUSD Parent Guide to Reopening Schools for 2020-2021


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