Memories of the former middle school location

Wiseburn’s former location for R.H. Dana Middle School is set to be demolished in the coming months. While the district looks forward to the future possibilities for the site, we also cherish the memories held in the halls of the Aviation Boulevard location.

Below, we preserve some of these everyday moments and the many murals found on the site in photos, and Wiseburn leadership reflect on the site and what it’s meant to our District.

Here’s to the memories of the location, and to the memories yet to be made with the future of the site.

Reflections from Wiseburn Leadership

“Although it appears to be just a building, the original Dana Middle School will always be heralded as the foundation of the great schools, particularly the middle school, in Wiseburn USD. The building served students for decades and the torch was seamlessly passed on to the new Dana Middle School facility – a school that ranks in the top 10% of middle schools in California. Dana Middle School is a beacon of learning for our students, a gathering place for our community, and a place that cultivates future-ready and lifelong learners. From the new middle school facility we look to the West at the site of the original Dana Middle School and imagine the future of this site as one that continues to serve our students and community members for many decades to come. I am excited about what the future will bring!”
- Blake Silvers, Wiseburn USD Superintendent

"It is hard for me to imagine how a community could have been better served by a school over so many years. The Old Dana Middle School served Wiseburn students for well over 90 years and it was the only Wiseburn School from 1927 until the original Anza was built in Del Aire in 1946.  Not only was the Old Dana, the original Dana Middle School, but it also served as the home for Cabrillo Elementary School during the construction of the new Cabrillo in 2007-2009 and it was the birthplace of Da Vinci Schools, and the original home for Da Vinci Design and Da Vinci Science and was also home to Da Vinci Innovation Academy/Connect for many years. I am sure that this wonderful site will be given new life and will continue to serve the Wiseburn Community in the decades to come!"
- Tom Johnstone, former Superintendent of Wiseburn School District and Wiseburn Unified School District

“The original Dana School(named 1948) served the community for more than seven decades. Taxpayers certainly have received their money’s worth for their investment in the Dana campus. The ten thousand graduates of Dana have gone forward to make the world better.”
- Don Brann, former Superintendent of Wiseburn School District, a Founder of Da Vinci Schools, and current President of the Da Vinci Schools Board of Trustee

“As a proud former Dana Middle School principal, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work in a school building that held so much history and to have done so with so many dedicated colleagues who have sent off thousands of students to their futures.”
-Matthew Wunder, CEO/Superintendent of Da Vinci School

Everyday Moments at the Former Location

The Murals of the Aviation Blvd. Site