Wiseburn celebrates new team members and new roles

Seven Wiseburn team members pose for a photo.

Over the past year, student and family needs have grown and changed. As such, so has the need for new team members and roles that allow Wiseburn to continue to expand our services and deliver an exceptional educational experience for our students.

We’re thrilled to announce seven role changes and 24 new team members that have been onboarded over the past year. Below, get to know our newest team members and learn more about what those who are changing positions will be doing in the year ahead.

Role changes

Summer Graves

New role: Assistant Principal at Cabrillo

Elanya Thompson

New role: Balanced Literacy Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)

Trisha Maano

New role: Cotsen Mentor

Lorrie Cariaga

New role: Balance Literacy Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)

Monique Ingram

New role: Coordinator: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Compliance

Janáe Jeffery

New role: Assistant Principal at 138th Street

Kevin Corrinet

New role: Assistant Principal at Dana

Newest team members

Juan de Anza Elementary School

Photo of Tricia Brown

Tricia Brown

2nd grade teacher

Alexandra Grodeck

3rd grade teacher

Evelin Jacobo

4th grade teacher

Stephanie Duwve

4th grade teacher

Cristobal Antonio Méndez

5th grade teacher

Rachel Ednalino

Special education teacher

LeAnne Gonzalez

Reading Intervention teacher

Barbara Tank

Reading Intervention teacher for math

138th St. School

Rebecca Blake

4th grade teacher

Morgan Roy

5th grade teacher

Haley Orzeck

5th grade teacher

Kimberly James

Speech Language Pathologist

Juan Cabrillo Elementary School

Chloe Ford

1st grade teacher

Kaylan Berkey

2nd grade teacher

Cheryl Hauck

Reading Intervention Teacher

Tiffany Steuerwald

Reading Intervention Teacher

Richard Henry Dana Middle School

Headshot of Henry Falotico

Henry Falotico

6th grade math teacher

Tyler Nazarian

Physical Education teacher

Miriam Franco

Speech-Language Pathologist

Success Learning Center

Sarah Green

School Psychologist


Piper Redman

Elementary instrumental music teacher

Evelyn Park

Upper elementary music teacher

Psychological and Child Services

Sofie Sadasivaiah

Occupational Therapist