Superintendent's Welcome

Hello, Wiseburn families!

Welcome to the 2022-23 school year in Wiseburn Unified School District! Whether you’re returning to or starting in our schools for the first time this year, we’re thrilled to have you with us.

Our District centers our students in every decision. We prioritize a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment to ensure that all students can be engaged and empowered. Ultimately, we aim to elevate every student’s experience as they progress through school. We do this by focusing our work in the District and our five school sites on our top priorities: safety and student achievement.

Within those overarching themes, our safety planning and implementation efforts consider both physical and emotional safety, whether in our day-to-day processes, in mitigating the spread of viruses like COVID-19, or in times of crisis. With safety as our base, we can build up our students to achieve excellence, with particular focus on student achievement in the foundational subjects of math and English.

Our organization is continuously improving and driven by purpose. Each day, we approach our work with the understanding that we are empowering the next generation — a responsibility we do not take lightly. It is an absolute privilege to teach our students, and we thank our families for choosing our District to do so.

We look forward to partnering with our families in their student’s education in the year ahead!


Blake Silvers, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Wiseburn USD