Wiseburn COVID-19 Dashboard List

COVID-19 Dashboard 12/16/20

We continue to see a rise in the COVID-19 metrics that has now led to a regional stay-at-home order in Los Angeles. This continues to hinder general in-person education for schools, but WUSD is exploring the feasibility of TK-2 in-person education with the new waiver we received from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.

COVID-19 Dashboard 11/21/20

Since our last dashboard, the COVID-19 spread metrics have unfortunately risen. We remain in the Widespread tier. As we explore our options for in-person instruction, we continue to prioritize safety above all else.

COVID-19 Dashboard 11/07/20

As anticipated, we find ourselves still in the Widespread tier, preventing us from fully reopening for general education. However, we are exploring the options available to us and have more on that in the Wiseburn COVID-19 Dashboard.

Wiseburn COVID-19 Dashboard

Wiseburn COVID-19 Dashboard is packed with information on the state's most recent COVID-19 data, context about what that means for schools, and resources relevant to our Wiseburn community.