Health Services

Welcome to our Health Services website! 

The Wiseburn United School District has two part time Registered Nurses who conduct hearing and vision screenings, plan and monitor the care of students with health concerns, and participate in the assessment of students in Special Education.

The District has a full time Health Clerk at Dana Middle School and a part time Health Clerk at each of the elementary school sites. Health Clerks provide first aid, daily routine health care, and maintain health files on all students.


Ellen Russ RN
310-725 5400 x 3115
Adrienne Collis RN
310-725 5400 x 3115

Health News and Announcements

Coronavirus FAQ 

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Parent Letter Regarding Influenza (FLU)

Additional information on the flu in the "Flu and Prevention and Treatment" section. 

(Click image for PDF of letter in English and Spanish)