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Incident Response

Wiseburn Unified School District staff are trained to provide for students, staff, and visitors' safety during potentially dangerous intruders. Emergency preparedness lockdown drills are held at regular intervals during the school year. In the event of an intruder on campus, students and staff will shelter in place until it is safe for them to move about campus.

Once it is safe to release students, parents, guardians, and other family members should report to your student’s school, where you will be given information about where you can pick up your student. 

Trained personnel will be at the gate to assist you and focus on ensuring all students are safe and accounted for. Children will be released only to those names that appear on the registration form. This is why informing your school and district staff of any contact and registration information changes is critical.
*Please notify the school office immediately of any changes in address, phone numbers, employment, or emergency information. Should an emergency arise, we must be able to reach you.