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Safety Preparedness

Our Commitment to Safety

As evident in our district pillars, the Wiseburn Unified School District prioritizes safety for all stakeholders on our campuses. Below are our plans for safe and healthy practices for all Wiseburn campuses.


A systematic and comprehensive approach to safety preparedness is actively pursued across all our campuses. Our multifaceted safety preparation encompasses routine safety drills, meticulous planning for various emergency scenarios, and continual refinement of safety protocols. Our staff is proficiently trained to respond effectively to various emergencies, ranging from medical incidents to environmental threats. Additionally, we invest in state-of-the-art safety equipment and technology to enhance our preparedness and response capabilities.

We engage with local emergency services and health agencies to align our safety measures with best practices and current guidelines, ensuring a quick and coordinated response when needed. Educational materials and resources are made available to staff, students, and parents to foster a community-wide understanding and commitment to safety. By proactively addressing potential risks and fostering a culture of safety, we aim to create a secure and nurturing learning environment for all at Wiseburn.

Our preparation efforts are continually reviewed and updated to adapt to the evolving needs of our school community and to address emerging safety concerns. The collaboration between school staff, students, parents, and community partners is vital in maintaining a safe and healthy learning atmosphere, and we are committed to enhancing this synergy for the well-being of all stakeholders within the Wiseburn Unified School District.

Health Services

The Wiseburn Unified School District has a full-time Registered Nurse who conducts hearing and vision screenings, plans and monitors the care of students with health concerns, and participates in the assessment of students in Special Education.

The District also has a full-time Health Clerk at Wiseburn Middle School and a part-time Health Clerk at each elementary school site. Health Clerks provide first aid, daily routine health care, and maintain student health files.

First Aid and Other Responses

First Aid is given as needed for incidents that happen at school. If a student is ill or if an accident occurs at school, students are to notify a teacher or school employee. Should the student require further care, a parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up their child. Please read our full First Aid and Other Responses section for more information.


For Health-related questions at any of our Wiseburn schools, please contact:

Alison Schmidt

Health: Preparing for School

Health: Responding to Health Concerns

Additional Safety Resources