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Teaching and Learning

In Wiseburn USD, we Engage, Empower, and Elevate our students to become capable, inquisitive learners and productive citizens in an ever-changing world. We center innovative instruction on individual student needs, digital literacy, reasoning, and collaboration so that all students receive a high-caliber education.

A student writes on a sheet of paper on a desk.

Academic programs in Wiseburn build the foundation for life-long learning.

Our teachers believe that learning should be fun and engaging with hands-on, student-centered, project and problem-based learning.

Using the California State Standards as our guide, Wiseburn staff apply research-based practices to:

  • implement a challenging, cohesive core curriculum that meets the needs of all students,
  • provide access to rigorous, grade-level instruction in English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and the Fine Arts,
  • ensure strong learning outcomes for students.


Two students work with a teacher on assignments.

Core Subjects

Empowering our Students

When students engage in our high-quality academic programs, they walk away with so much more than textbook learning. We employ innovative and engaging teaching strategies to ensure our students our geared up for their futures. We aim for the following outcomes from our academic programs:


  1. Learn basic skills

  2. Engage in problem-solving

  3. Develop strong reading, writing, and math skills

  4. Understand complex concepts 

  5. Analyze information 

  6. Think critically

  7. Practice time management

  8. Develop organization skills

  9. Cultivate self-discipline

  10. Build a foundation for future academic success

A student cuts out construction paper.

Fine Arts in WUSD

In Wiseburn, our fine arts program opens doors to new possibilities and provides students a means of understanding their world and the diverse cultural influences that surround them. 

Featured Story

Music teaches children to be human, to have empathy, and to collaborate to problem solve. These are the skills that our future generation really needs. Aiko Anglim, Wiseburn Elementary Music Teacher

A robot carries a water bottle.

About STEM and STEAM

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

STEAM includes all of STEM plus Art. 

Featured Story

In the South Bay, we have all these corporations who really want to hire our students. So our job is to give our students real-world tasks so that they can understand what their potential path could be if they follow this pathway. Andy de Seriere, STEM Teacher at Wiseburn Middle School

Two students work together on a solar-powered car.

About the Gifted and Talented Education Program

GATE stands for Gifted and Talented Education.

The primary purpose of the Wiseburn Unified School District Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program is to provide learning experiences.


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Social-Emotional Learning

Discover how Wiseburn Unified School District prioritizes Social-Emotional Learning to empower elementary and middle school students.


Our team is committed to our district mission, vision, and goals, aligning our daily operations and strategic plans to ensure success.